2017 Venus Retrograde-Aries


Venus will retrograde from March 4, 2017 to April 15th, 2017. 

2017 Venus Retrograde Aries

Astrological Notes (Aries Ascendant)

Venus retrogrades 13 Aries 09

Venus Detriment in Aries

Venus occupies 1st House

Mars is in Rulership

Mars 25 Aries 55 in 1st House opposes Retrograde Jupiter 22 Libra 05 in 7th House

Lenormand Astrological Spread

Venus occupying 1st House: Clover – Mountain – Lily

Jupiter occupying 7th House: Fox – Garden – Fish 


Psychic Insight

Venus retrograde is a time for inner reflection rather than direct action. From March until April you should focus on you! Yes it’s A-Okay to focus on you during this time frame. What makes you unique? Who are you? These are the questions you should be reflecting on during this time frame. Take the time to consider what your own personal values, morals, and ethics are and how they define you. Reflect on the actions you can take after April 15th that helps you live your values through action. 

For example if being charitable is important to you, and you define that as one of your values then take the next six weeks to research charities that you might be interested in. 

This is a great time to also take into consideration your health and physical appearance. Do you feel happy with the way you look? Are there things you want to work on? Perhaps it’s your hair, skin, weight, or whatever it may be—take the time to reflect and identify what area of your appearance you’d like to accentuate or improve on in the upcoming year. 

Venus retrograde tends to bring out our awareness of how we might not fit into social situations or subscribe to the media mold. Consider whether it’s important for you to “fit in.” Have you conformed so much that you’ve lost yourself? Do you need to gravitate back to your personal value base? 

Remember, from March 4th to April 15th is a time of reflection and planning. You’ll be more successful at achieving that new weight, or perhaps changing your hair color, or changing anything about your appearance back to the way it was when YOU liked it. Don’t dive in head first, but rather do your research and give it consideration.  Wait to take action after April 15th.

Venus detriment in Aries may enhance your egotism a little bit, which isn’t a bad time during this retrograde. Venus yielding to Mars will allow you to know exactly what you want, when you want it, and empower you to go after it. This isn’t a bad thing in evaluating how you fit into the norm and whether you agree or disagree and need to make adjustments. However, that “going after it” attitude should be tempered just a little. You're best to wait in making any changes when Venus goes Direct again after April 15th. 

House 1 Clover-Mountain-Lily

Clover-Mountain-Lily in the 1st House with Retrograde Venus reminds us to be open minded to the values that mean the most to us. In particular our personal appearances and how we conform to OURSELVES and not society. The clover is about open-mindedness and also about second chances. If you feel like you have strayed so far from yourself to fit in, yet there isn’t a way back—know that there is a second chance. While we shouldn’t take that leap just yet, we should prepare to take the leap after April 15th, when Venus goes direct. The mountain indicates an obstacle, but the clover gives hope. Even if the task seems insurmountable, there is hope that we’ll get around it. However, it might take a while for us to achieve our objective as the lily is maturity and indicates a rather long time to achieve ones goal. The good news is that the lily is the pentacle of completion, and we’ll get through any obstacles to achieve what we truly value in ourselves. Sometimes the longest fought battles are often the most rewarding, satisfying of accomplishments. 

House 7 Fox-Garden-Fish

Mars in Rulership occupying the 1st house opposes Retrograde Jupiter in Libra occupying the 7th house.  Temperaments may run a little hot right now between you and your spouse, if you have one. Your significant other might not like the fact that you’re taking so much time to yourself during this phase. It’ll be important that you don’t neglect your loved ones during this time. While the focus should be on you, make sure you’re also balancing the relationship with loved ones. This also might be a time where relations are tense with enemies and temperaments rise. Venus in retrograde tends to bring out the inner reflection of what is important to us and the evaluation of relationships. While now is not the time to cut relationships, it is the time to consider just how much of an impact open enemies may have on ourselves and whether we need to plan to cut or mitigate these issues when Venus goes direct after April 15th. 

Fox-Garden-Fish in the 7th House with Jupiter opposing Mars emphasizes the discord that is occurring with contractual type relations in work-related affairs but also in marriage. While this is the month to focus solely on you, there might be some underhanded or manipulative behaviors to get you to engage more socially. There might be individuals in your life who aren’t willing to give up your independence and seek to make you more dependent on them. Perhaps you should not only focus on yourself during this retrograde, but also on the values you hold in your relationships at home and at work. After April 15th, would be a good time to make a decision on whether there is a good balance with these folks. If you feel too dependent on a partner (marriage or work), then following the retrograde would be a good time to take action to balance out the relationship and make it more favorable to you or more equitable at the least. 

The horoscope you receive uses the astrology, lenormand, and belline oracles as the focal point for intuitive perception. This horoscope provides an overview of the Venus Retrograde during the next six weeks. While a great deal of the information contained in this horoscope may seem extremely accurate as the next six weeks progress, please bear in mind that the future takes shape from the choices we make as we live our lives (and the choices those around us are independently making as they live theirs), which will always make the future subject to change to a certain degree. This horoscope is intended for informational or entertainment purposes only; none of the statements in it should be considered to be absolute fact.

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