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Classical Planetary Spread

I’d like to introduce a new spread I have been working with for the past few weeks. I love blending astrological concepts and card reading. Many folks use the horoscope spread, which is a nice technique. When we look at houses, we’re looking at which component of our life is being discussed (e.g., second house—our money and resources, fourth house—our family life). 

I thought to myself, what if use the planets to help interpret cards? The planets often show the drives that push us forward. I’ve found using this technique to be very accurate in profiling and fairly well when describing general outlooks. It’s very good in explaining situations and how it’ll come about, because you can circle around to each of the drives that push a person or situation forward. 

This is a seven-card spread. I don’t use outer planets (Neptune, Uranus, and Pluto) when I read natal charts. I use seven points, because it lends well to the classical techniques I’ve been taught.  The picture below describes the placements for each of the seven celestial points. It’s like a five-pointed star with the lights (Sun & Moon) placed in the middle. 

Planetary Spread

Question: How is my work going? 

I’ll give a brief elementary symbolic meaning of each celestial point and Lenormand card:

Sun/Clouds. The Sun is our drive in life; it’s what pushes us forward. The Sun can represent our self-awareness, consciousness, and our vitality. What’s our focus, what’s the theme, what’s on our mind? The Clouds bring a sense of uncertainty, things are changing and the dust hasn’t yet settled. Everything is up in the air. 


Moon/Cross. The Moon is our unconscious; it represents our emotions and our daily habits. The Cross symbolizes a burden, hardship, and stress.

Mercury/Whip. Mercury drives our communication, ideas, travel, and mischief. The Lenormand Whip can represent repetition, discord, and sexuality. 


Venus/Woman. Venus symbolizes our relationships, values, and interactions with others. The Woman represents a female around us. 

Mars/Sun. Mars drives our ambition, temperament, action, and self-assertion. Meanwhile the Lenormand Sun represents our willpower, charisma, and a degree of success. 


Jupiter/Tower. Jupiter brings opportunities, spirituality, and travel. The Lenormand Tower can represent solitude, institutions, and officials. 

Saturn/Letter. In contrast to Jupiter, we have Saturn, which represents our limitations, boundaries, and lessons to learn. The Letter symbolizes short written communication such as letters, text messages, and emails. 

Potential Interpretation: You’re feeling a sense of uncertainty at work that is driving your thoughts recently. This uncertainty is weighing down on you and seems to be burdening. There seems to be a lot of going back and forth with one another. A lot of repetitive communication is taking place that might not be necessarily going anywhere or causing some discord and strife. Perhaps a woman at work is driving this uncertainty. However, it looks like this isn’t a situation that will be perpetuated by discord, nor will it continue to be burdensome or uncertain. Both you and this woman actually want to see a successful resolution. There will be an opportunity to come to an official agreement between the two of you and formalize an agreement. The limitation to a successful resolution will need to emphasize face-to-face communications. Written emails or communiqués may hamper an agreement between the two. 

The instant feedback I got from this client, was “I know who exactly you’re talking about, and maybe I should take a different approach because I feel like I’ve been getting no where and a lot of going back and forth via email.” 

Leveraging the Belline in Business Options


Oracles are great at helping businesses and individuals in evaluating their options and choices between two or more opportunities presented to them. One tool that I like to use in such inquires is the Belline Oracle because the planetary influences can give me a quick Birdseye view as to which option paves for the best route. 

There are a variety of spreads to use when evaluating options. For this particular question, I simply drew three cards for option one and three cards for option two. In this blog I will give a brief overview of the cards as it relates to the question and an interpretation for each option. If you’d like to see me develop a comprehensive card catalog for those of you interested in learning this oracle, let me know in the comments. 

Question: Business owner is looking to implement a new technology contract that will involve the implementation of Point of Service System, which includes an ongoing maintenance relationship. They have narrowed their vendor selection to two companies and need assistance in deciding which is the better partner. 

Option 1 (Company ABC)

Overall Energy. Venus-Moon-Sun

Company ABC option bodes for a close (Moon) and successful (Sun) relationship (Venus). However it may be the more costly (Venus) option. This particular vendor may have well-established roots (Moon and Sun) and have a larger network or available references (Moon-Venus).


(29) Amor. This card reflects two individuals or entities coming together and being well supported. In addition, this support leads to a relationship that is mutually beneficial to each of the parties involved. In regards to contractual matters this card can indicate a satisfactory outcome and delivery of duties and responsibilities by both companies. Finally, it should be noted that Venus rules finances and can be quite materialistic, thus this could be a costlier option for the business. 


(15) Water. Similarly to the Lenormand a Ship crossing the water indicates transitions that are long lasting and more permanent. Crossing the sea was no easy endeavor when these cards were developed. It takes time and can be rather slow moving card. This card falls in the realm of the Moon, which rules our habitual needs and behavior. Thus it’s likely that this card can represent a change in mindset and habitual needs. This card can also warn us of illusions and possible disappointment. 

(8) Thought and Friendship. This can represent a very loyal relationship between the business and vendor. Most importantly, it can bring about good follow-through in project implementation. 

Selecting Company ABC seems to bring about a very positive and mutually beneficial relationship (Amor). It’s most likely that this option will accomplish all of its objectives (Amor) and produce good follow through in any contractual commitments (Thought and Friendship). However, it looks like it will take time to implement the project (Water) because it will involve changes in the businesses habitual patterns—such as workflows (Water) that will have to be thought of and reworked (Thought). However it does seem that this particular option will result in a very positive and successful relationship that will be good for both businesses involved in the potential partnership.

Option 2 (Company XYZ)

Overall Energy. Mercury (x2)-Mars

In contrast, the XYZ option may be a quicker option in terms of implementation (Mercury-Mars). However the quick implementation may lead to problems (Mars), however these issues seem to be more relational (Mars being a personal planet opposed to a Saturian influence).


(21) Theft & Loss. This card depicts a bat picking up a rat and taking it away. Thus this card represents theft and loss. There is warning of signing any contracts or engaging in a relationship with anyone due to the possibility of a breach in their responsibilities. Note these cards were also drawn under a Mercury retrograde so there is an additional layer of caution in reading the fine print in any contractual agreement that must be evaluated and signed under this influence. This card may also suggest that not everything is as they may appear on the surface. 

(33) Trial. Card of Trial represents exchanges back and forth between two parties. There will be difficulty in coming to a mutually beneficial agreement between the two parties. All of the bickering back and forth may produce an anxiety between the parties that lead to aggression of having their back pushed up against the wall or into a corner. 


(22) Companies. This particular card represents projects, intellectual property, creation and innovation of ideas and products. 

When considering the selection of Company XYZ, it should be cautioned that there is a possibility of a breach in the contract (Theft & Loss) that will lead to possible litigation (Trial). It seems like this company may be more innovative, fresh, and new (Companies) but it’s not fully representing itself and the true value of the product (Company-Theft & Loss). If this option is selected, it will be important to vet the contract with a hawk eye because there will be likely contractual contentions (Trial) that may delay the project or hinder it later on.

Profecting Wolf Blitzer

There are several techniques available to forecast the upcoming year. One easy method that I love and it doesn’t involve calculating a brand new chart—it simply uses your natal chart is known as Profection.  What it basically does it rotate your natal chart one house with each year of birth. The ruler of that house cusp becomes a significant planet that year for you setting your themes. You also see different themes emerge as the planets have now shifted planets. This technique works best using Whole-Sign houses. 

Profection Wheel

Let’s play with an example. Let’s take a look at Wolf Blitzer’s chart and make some astrological assumptions for his 21st birthday. Looking at our cheat sheet—the Profection Wheel tells us that the ruler of the tenth house becomes the new Ascendant, thus becoming the profected first house. 


Blitzer, Wolf (Monday, March 22, 1948. Buffalo, NY, 12:00pm EST). Aries is activated and becomes the profected ascendant. The main theme of the year focuses on new orientation such as seminars or vocational training, and a significant change of situation.  New beginnings are emphasized as well because of the Cardinal aspect in Aries. The Sun will now be in the first house, emphasizing new beginnings in defining who he is and the development of his purpose in life. 

Mars (18 Leo 24 R) rules his twenty-first birthday. Mars is in his profected fifth house (18 Leo 24 R) squaring profected Venus (16 Taurus 14) in the second house. Venus in rulership, I don’t think money is going to be much of an issue for him this year. However, I would warn him to be cautious with how he spends his money. Natal Mars being retrograde and squaring Venus in Taurus he may have a tendency to misuse his money, especially on hobbies, entrainment, or relaxation type of activities in his twenty-first year.  The key for this year is to think twice before purchasing and to not be such an impulsive buyer. Is this something you really need and is it of value?

Blitzer 21 Bday Profection

The neat thing about profection, is that you can forecast each month of the upcoming year. The first 28-30 days of his birthday will be indicated by the activity going on in the profected first house. The next 28-30 days of his birthday would be indicated by the activity going on in the profected second house, and so on. Let’s see what’s of note…

Late July (5th house from March) and early August look like there might be difficulties. Saturn is in detriment squaring Venus. Mars also squares Venus, so there will definitely be lessons on how to handle money and finding a balance in spending on hobbies and personal matters. The fifth house cusp is Leo with the Sun in exaltation in Aries so I think there will be support, and the lessons to be learned will be well supported and not quite as detrimental as it could be. 

Late November (9th house from March) and early December look to be a promising and very fortunate time period. It’s a time for creativity, exploration, learning, and traveling. 

Looking at his Biography I couldn’t find a whole lot of information about his twenty-first birthday. However, I will say that in 1977 he made a historic trip to Anwar al-Sadat to cover negotiations between Israel and Egypt (Jewish Virtual Library). He was 29 at this age, and his profected house has the theme of Sagittarius with Jupiter in rulership, which speaks volume to such a historic trip abroad. 

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