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Real estate questions are extremely important in my practice. I work with several buyers’ agents who consult me on a regular basis with troublesome clients. These are folks they’re ready to drop because of the wishy-washy nature. They say one thing during the interview but another after viewing eight to ten homes. What will make them happy? Often times, the buyer’s client has expressed a wide array of desired variables and the realtor simply needs help zoning in on those variables—which ones should she focus on.

This type of reading is what we call profiling. Outside of my home and online practice I work at psychic fairs and an esoteric shop. Clients will often ask me to profile their future mate and most often than not I get asked to describe the girl that is moving in on her man. For this reason, I think profiling is important for every reader to practice. You will experience it on a personal relationship level such as a future mate and on a business level such as what home should I focus on finding for my client, what area should I open my retail location at, what type of candidate should I hire? Profiling is also an extremely helpful exercise to beginners who are looking to explore the symbolisms and meanings of the cards—because they do vary. 


Background & Question: An established couple that has lived together in a “newlywed” home for the last five years is ready to move up and out. They seem to be having trouble finding a home and zeroing in on the characteristics that are most important to them. The realtor wants to know where she should focus her effort on to maximize her time spent on showing them a home. She fears this is one of those couples that don’t know what they want because they have listed the impossible in their interview. 

Methodology: Using a No Layout system taught by Sylvie Steinbach in The Secrets of the Lenormand and on her the Ning forum; I will charge the House card for the home that this couple will be willing to make an offer on and look at the surrounding cards. 

This blog features the Viking Lenormand by Carole Beasley.

We cast the cards and draw

Birds – Dog – Crossroads – HOUSE – Mice – Fox

Real Estate Draw Crop

My first impression right off the bat is look at all that wildlife! I am thinking the rural life might suit this couple. Let’s take a more detailed look at the cards.

The Crossroads indicate inland with access to multiple routes or avenues, and some place nearby such as within the same state or region. Importantly, some readers will pick up on indecisiveness or unwillingness to commit with the imagery of the Crossroads. Technically that definition is correct, but remember we’re not reading the couples psychology—we’re reading what home they will desire!  The Crossroads to me give a rural vibe, it’s a place where they can mediate, thinking about things, and ponder. Rural countryside provides that opportunity. Finally, the Crossroads tend to attribute a reddish tone—this could mean the couple may prefer a brick home opposed to wood or siding. It would also indicate that the interior painting that appeals to them would be of an earth tone scheme.


The Dog indicates a longing to connect with others. This is emphasized by the Birds being next to the Dog. This couple may want space or land as indicated by the Crossroads. However, they’re not going to want to drive an hour into town. They’re going to want a piece of property that is on the outskirts of town where they’re going to be able to chat with others and be close enough to access friends and family. These are values that are important to them and its critical that they retain these. Finally, the Dog can represent brown which might suggest dirt country type of roads. It could also reitterate a desire for interior earth tones. You could also suggest that they want space for their dog(s), if they have any to run around and exercise. 

Mice could indicate that this couple might not necessarily mind a fixer-upper. Yes they may want to move out of a Newlywed home. However, they are going to fall in love with a house that might have temporary issues with it that need to be resolved. It’ll be important for them to look at the plumbing issues of the home and have the plumbing of whatever home they decide to purchase looked at by a qualified person. Discovering these issues early on can help with the negotiation of price. 


Lastly we have the Fox, which also represents the color red. Albeit a different tone of red than the auburn Crossroads would represent. However, I think this emphasizes that they should look for a brick home. The Fox also represents small, compact, and shortness. Extrapolating this to a home instead of a physical characterization of a person you could suggest that the couple will best suited in a one level ranch style home. A two-story home might not suit this family. 

Interpretation: Your client will be suited to country life. However, they will need to have access to town where they can enjoy themselves and meet up with their friends and family. You might focus on homes that are on the outskirts of town, no more than thirty minutes from town. Perhaps 2-3 acres of land would best be suited. They will enjoy the wildlife and space that will enable them to loose themselves in their thoughts of the scenery. It looks like they will prefer a one level family style ranch home. You will want to look for red tones—perhaps a brick home. Interior schemes they will enjoy will be on the earthy tone side. Don’t shy away from homes that might have an issue or two. This couple will settle with a home that will require a fix or two either prior or after the purchase. If it’s the perfect home, it’ll be something they’re willing to invest in repairing. I wouldn’t advise showing the couple homes outside of their budget. You will want to stay within and probably below their budget because of the repairs that will need to be made.  

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