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Professional Lenormand Certification with Sylvie Steinbach

Sylvie Steinbach is the author of The Secrets of the Lenormand Oracle, a bestselling manual and must have for any practitioner’s library. Her book was published in 2007, making it the first English speaking Lenormand manual readily available in the United States. At a time when publishers weren’t willing to produce Lenormand manuals due to the small audience, her self-published manual flourished and ignited an interest in the Lenormand Oracle. Thanks to her online presence and book success, she paved the way for other Lenormand authors to obtain publishing deals to sell books and decks. 

In the first half of The Secrets of the Lenormand Oracle, Steinbach provides the reader with a brilliant analysis of the symbolisms behind the cards and how they relate to modern day living. In the second half of The Secrets of the Lenormand Oracle, she introduces a revolutionary methodology to reading the Lenormand called the No Layout (NLO) Method. The method is a highly accurate method used by Sylvie and her students for the past twenty five years. In July 2014 her book was translated into the Russian language and it was received with great success for her innovative approach. 

Under her direction, in collaboration with Tarot Lynn, Sylvie Steinbach published a stunning thirty-six-card deck called the STS Lenormand. This splendid deck provides clear symbolisms that are easy to identify, read and connect with on an intuitive level. The deck is offered in color, black and white, poker or bridge sized cards. 

In addition to her success as an author and deck innovator, she has also been of a great influence as a teacher. In fact, she was invited to teach live workshops in New Zealand and Australia on her method, the No Layout (NLO). Russian audiences invited her to online lectures to discuss her modern day meanings of the cards and her method. These recorded webcasts have been translated in Russian and English languages. Finally in 2013, Sylvie hosted a series of webinars teaching students about the history of the symbolisms behind the cards and correlating them to modern day meanings. This teaching series also covered how to read the Lenormand using her revolutionary No Layout (NLO) method. 

Sylvie Steinbach is undoubtedly an authority on the Lenormand Oracle, having accomplished so much and receiving such success in her projects. She is a professional Lenormand Card reader with a background in Astrology, having formally studied with the Rosicrucians in Aubenas, France. She also holds a business and marketing degree and performs over eighty professional readings a month in her individual practice in Los Angeles, California. 

Starting in 2015, Sylvie will return from a yearlong sabbatical in teaching the Lenormand Oracle. She will be offering a Professional Lenormand Certification course. To learn more about the course and educate those who would like to also learn more about the exciting opportunity please read the transcript of our interview below. 

Hi Sylvie! Thanks for taking the time to meet with me and answer some questions for your admirers who are interested in learning the Lenormand Oracle with you. You have described this course as a 12-month course. What is the frequency and duration of the class meetings?

We are looking at two live classes or group studies a month in addition to homework assignments to submit. Each web presentation will be two hours or more depending on the material. It has been my experience that expecting students to assimilate new content every week was too much for many. However the personalized assessment will allow me to follow each student’s progress and address issues early on so no one gets left behind.

For those who haven’t read your book yet. Can you explain what the No Layout Method is? 


The No Layout is not a simple line of 5 or 7 cards as the Lenormand community may have been misled to believe. It is deceptively a line up because when one teaches, one must display the cards in some simple ways. But if you get a reading from me, face to face, you would be very surprised to see the way I position my cards... 3 weeks ago, a new client drove 3 hours to meet me and he had researched, read and watched all the Lenormand materials out there. At the end of his reading, he exclaimed “I have never seen someone used the Lenormand in this manner before! What is that!? Well, it is the No Layout method!” I replied. He thought that the NLO was a neat 5/7 card layout as said in a few publications and on the web. He was dumbfounded. I would say, he probably would not be the only one!

The No Layout provides the reader with the ability to profile, assess and predict with consistent accuracy even when the reader’s intuition is out of order. The method is called the No Layout because it does not follow a pre-set mental convention when you choose the cards. For example, in the Celtic Cross layout, there are specific attributions for each position (1 through 10); the first card is set straight representing the current situation or issue, the second crosses to show what is on the way or what is the obstacle etc… So the card’s meanings apply within the position’s meaning right from the start. 

In our NLO system, the reader pulls the cards in order and on a row without caring about the position or the card’s meanings until all the keycards have been unveiled. The reader pays attention to what card is where at that stage only. Then like for any kind of card system, the reader follows a method to unveil the message. We know that the NLO when done correctly is a very reliable and accurate method.

Will your course cover how to read the Grand Tableau or other spreads?

No – this is a professional certification as applied to the No Layout. People can learn other layouts from other Lenormand instructors as long as they do not mix up the cards’ meanings once they have enrolled in the certification program with the card meanings taught by others. 

What makes the No Layout Method better than other methods? Isn’t Grand Tableau the traditional way of reading the Lenormand Oracle? 

The Grand Tableau is traditionally associated with the Lenormand but there are different methods to the GT depending on what school you learned it from (German, French, Dutch etc).  The same issue exists with the card’s meanings that can vary from one tradition to another. The Grand Tableau takes time to analyze and does not answer everything a client may ask. So the NLO method is a great tool to the reader’s arsenal because it is a quick way to answer a specific inquiry with precision and confidence regardless of how intricate the question may be – if you are well versed into the method of course. There is nothing that the NLO can not do. You can answer a Real Estate question like describe the next house the client will purchase, foresee the potential of a job opportunity or see what is going inside a client’s marriage for example.  

I assume the class will teach the basics (e.g., symbolism of each card), the mechanics of the No Layout method. But what are some of the more advanced topics that a student will glean from? 

Of course, we all need to have the same foundation so going over the meanings and why, and understand the basics as well as the steps associated with the NLO are for the first part of our program. But advanced business assessment or real estate questions are often advanced level because they required an understanding of the cards and an interpretation that a sophisticated client would appreciate. Once the student produces consistent results with the basic inquiries, we will be ready to upgrade our level to health questions, mediumship and channeling protocols. 

You mentioned there would be homework, testing, group exercises and other assessment tools. How much time will a student spend studying each week outside of the normal lecture? 

Each student must be prepared to put an extra 10 hours a week to keep up. If the student has a harder time, more hours may be needed. You are looking at one hour to 90 minutes a day in average in addition to the live classes or study groups. Any serious academic course would probably ask for the same time investment.

Wow! Sounds like a very intense course. I have studied Astrology at Kepler College where the tuition is $585 for a ten-week course. How much will you be charging for this 12-month course? 

The year program is set at 1600 dollars for 52 weeks!

Wow, that sounds like a bargain compared to Astrological studies. This doesn’t seem like a course geared towards personal enlightenment. This seems like it’s for the person who wants to utilize this tool on a professional basis. Tell me Sylvie a little bit about how you got started as a professional reader; what venues do apply your professional reading skills? 

I started to do readings when I was 13 during breaks at school; my friends would ask questions about the exams or their love interests. I moved on to adult clients when I was 17, my neighbors and their friends would come and get a reading during the summer time when my parents would be on their vacations. 

For 14 years, I was associated with the Psychic Eye bookstores Inc, the largest chain of metaphysical shops in the world and now contract my services with Mystic Journey bookstore since January 2009 in Venice California. I also have my private practice in Sherman Oaks.

My specialty which brings me a lot of high end clients is business and strategy inquiries. I have also coached lawsuits and high profile personalities. 

There is so much more to being able to read the cards. Will your course cover the professional, marketing, and managing side of the psychic business? 

Yes, I teach more than how to read cards, I teach the business and art of reading. I want my students to be successful first and foremost as I want my clients to achieve the best.

How can someone sign up for this class? Is there an application procedure? 

Everyone can send their resume (which must detail all pertinent professional and life experiences that may define you) and a motivation letter (why you want to learn from me and not from someone else). If I am interested, I will set up a skype interview so we can talk about each other; I need to assess if my program would be a good fit. I am not looking for anyone but for the right type of students. I also want to make sure the expectations are fair and realistic. If we are on the same page then I require a Non Disclosure Agreement to be filled and signed. This agreement prevents any attendee to disclose in any form what is being taught or teach or use parts or any of my teachings for commercial or social media group use. 

What about folks who have studied with you before? Will they need to attend the whole 12-month program or will they be able to “test” through certain modules? 

I will only consider if I can handle extra students – which may not be possible - and if the student satisfies the entrance level required. So only those who successfully passed the final exam in my last series “good basics” and granted access to the “gold circle level” would have a chance to join later on at a reduced fee. 

Thank you for taking the time to sit with me and discuss this exciting opportunity. I wish you and your students the very best. 

For those of you who would like to learn more about this new and exciting program—Professional Lenormand Certification being taught by Sylvie Steinbach you can read more at her website.

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