Business Trip Demo

Trip-Business Spread

I absolutely love this new Lenormand Deck by Ana Tourian called Clair De Lune Lenormand. I recently used this deck to respond to a question from a client, and thought that this might make a good demonstration. 

Question: How will my upcoming trip go? 

Spread: Five cards with the middle card being focused.  

Method: Shuffled the cards, asked the client to cut the deck. The top card on the cut pile was flipped over and became the focus card (FISH or card 3 in the spread). I shuffled the cards one more time, and then spread them and selected the remaining cards based on energy feeling. 

Bear – Clouds – FISH – Mountain – Dog

Interpretation: The upcoming trip seems to be a business related trip (Fish). Certainly the trip will involve money, resources, and business (Bear and Fish). There seems to be an air of uncertainty, chaos, and some unexpected changes that will require your attention (Clouds). It’s most likely that these changes will be difficult may even seem unmovable. You can expect a lot of push back during your trip (Mountain). However, it looks like there is a friend or maybe a colleague in this case, deifntley someone you trust that is going to come along and help you push past these difficulties (Dog). 

Feedback: Client said he was going on a business trip. This was going to be a startup and the purpose was a financial close. He also indicated that a colleague of his was going to join him two days later. Maybe this is the Dog who will help him get past that sticky mountain? 

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