Trump Nomination Acceptance - Horoscope Tableau (Part 3 of 12)

In the third installment of this blog series, we’ll evaluate how Donald Trump will perform and interact in speeches and debates by examining how the Lenormand Cards fall into a Horoscope Tableau. In this individual spread, Taurus rules the third house. Just a few notes… I use classical planets and meanings when it comes to astrology.  The cards I’ve used for this blog posting is Destiny is Brewing by Kerry Gummersall and Heather Strahan

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The Third House involves the way we communicate in our surroundings (among other things), in the context of our examination—we’re looking at how Donald Trump will interact with voters in his speeches and how he’ll interact with his opponent in debates.

The third house is ruled by Taurus (Fixed-Earth). Fixed can represent persistent, dogged, rigid, productive, and obstinate. Earth can bring about qualities that place his speeches in an organized, methodical, practical, and substantive manner. Taurus is a sign that can represent someone who is solid and at times overbearing. Taurus typically isn’t aggressive and quick to anger. They tend to be very slow and methodical. This definitely doesn’t define Trump; however there could be energies that are weakening the Taurus impact. For that we’ll look to see what the Lenormand cards are doing in this energy. 

The Cross is a sign of burden and depression. The Cross can also represent endless crying or whining in some cases. I have also seen this card point to self-victimization. 

Survival and doing anything necessary for survival is the keynote of the Fox. This card can represent someone who is a handworker, resourceful, and often sly. Keen sense of observation and intelligence and will use these attributes to manipulate and take advantage. Often the Fox can represent someone who is street smart rather than book smart. 

The Child gives a sense of playfulness and innocence. The Child can also represent small matters. Adults represented by the Child may have an immature personality or an undeveloped ideology. The Child can also indicate a tendency or difficulty for a commitment towards a goal or decision. 

Blending it all together… 

Donald Trump will communicate in a very rigid way that might appear dogged, self-victimizing, and immature. He will no doubt be hard working and taking his message all across America working to communicate with others. He will attack his opponents in a very immature and sly way. His success in communicating with his constituency will to be to talk to them in a street smart way rather than an intellectual or book smart way. He’ll also need to make sure he can stay on point and be methodical in his communications.  


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