Life presents us with many gifts, surprises, opportunities, and challenges. Each and everyone of us has lessons in this life that we are meant to learn. It’s important for us to take a moment in life to sit back and reflect on the world around us. Only through this reflection can we truly learn the lessons we’re to learn and most importantly grow as a person and move forward. 

Aaron & Dennis' goal is to help people navigate their life and personal development by using Astro-Cartomancy techniques. These tools provide a lens for you to look at your life and reflect on the growth that has passed and is to come. 

What is Astro-Cartomancy? It’s a combination of Astrology and Card reading (e.g., Tarot). Aaron will help you understand the influences that the Planets and Signs have on your life. Understanding the roles the Planets play in your horoscope will provide you with a lens on how to look at life and understand your surroundings. Life is composed of cycles, patterns, and stages of development. Understanidng how the cosmos play a role in this natural development provides you an insight on how to react and best handle sitations in life. 

Aaron & Dennis also use a very pragmatic psychic insight tool called the Little Lenormand. It is different from Tarot in that it is a 36 card deck with very different meanings and symbolisms. Reading with this deck has provided clients with uncanny details and extremely accurate forecasts that come to pass within days, weeks, and even months. Dennis also uses the Playing Card Oracles and Tarot as part of his arsenal to help folks understand where they are at in their life, and where they’re going ahead.  

Looking to learn more about the Lenormand or Astrology? There has been a spark of interest in the Lenormand recently. Dennis & Aaron are dedicated to helping those who want to learn the Oracle. Both of them are very passionate about teaching people correct technqiue. Make sure you visit their blog for insights. Both are also Junior Moderators at The Lenormand Oraclea web-based community on Ning. Make sure you check out their study groups. 

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