Psychic Readings

We use a combinaiton of traditional and modern techniques with intuition taught to us by our mentors. We will also use a variety of card reading techniques to help obtain information and clarity for your situation. Some of the decks used include The Lenormand, Playing Cards, Belline, Bones, and Tarot.

You can ask for a general reading or you can ask specific and directed questions. We can focus on a love interest, career, personality descriptions, hiring decisions, just about anything you want! We do ask you to refrain from health questions. If you are unsure about your health, there is probably a good reason and you should seek the help of a medical professional. 

We will provide you with a recording of the reading for you to reflect upon in the future. We welcome feedback and follow up. 

You may purchase a card reading via email or some type of live interaction in 15 minute intervals. Once you have paid for a reading you will be contacted within 24 hours to schedule a reading. For email readings you will be contacted to request the types of questions you’d like to focus on. 

Email Readings ($20)

Facetime & Skype:

15 Minutes ($20)

30 Minutes ($40)

45 Minutes ($60)

In Person Readings:

15 Minutes ($25)

30 Minutes ($45)

The reading you receive uses the lenormand, tarot, or playing cards as the focal point for intuitive perception. This reading details the life you are perceived as living in the present and the path your life is naturally taking into the future as a result of the choices you are currently making for yourself. While a great deal of the information contained in this reading may seem extremely accurate, please bear in mind that the future takes shape from the choices we make as we live our lives (and the choices those around us are independently making as they live theirs), which will always make the future subject to change to a certain degree. This reading is intended for informational or entertainment purposes only; none of the statements in it should be considered to be absolute fact.

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